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Doctor’s Fitness Centers is a turn-key Medical/Fitness Center designed to help you keep your patients

healthy. Before Doctor’s Fitness Centers, your patients came to you SICK and you were paid to get

them HEALTHY. Now, using the Performance Based Systems of the International Fitness Professionals

Association (IFPA), you are going to get paid to KEEP your patients HEALTHY!

Before, you wrote prescriptions for DRUGS. Now you will write prescriptions for FITNESS and

NUTRITION programs. These programs will be executed by your own staff of fitness and nutrition

professionals rigorously educated, trained, and CERTIFIED by the IFPA to execute your healthy prescriptions.

Before, the pharmaceutical companies and pharmacists made money for “curing” your patients.

Now, you will make money for “keeping” your patients healthy, HAPPY and PRODUCTIVE!!!

The IFPA Performance Based Systems will provide your Elite Team of Medical Fitness Specialists/

Fitness Professionals and World-Class Education/Training and Skills to reach a level of competence

that does not currently exist in the Fitness Industry. Your Fitness Professionals will go through an

extensive, multiple course curriculum, developed by the IFPA Fitness Institute and leading to a B.S.

in Fitness Training and the distinguished designation of “Degreed Fitness Professional” (D.F.P.).

Your D.F.P.s will be “Masters of Their Craft” and will continuously hone their skills with each and

every one of your patients, continually striving for FLAWLESS EXECUTION during each and every

one of their training sessions. Flawless execution is achieved by your D.F.P.s by utilizing the Performance

Based System throughout IFPA Training. The same system used by Dr. Jim Bell (President and

Founder of the IFPA) when he was a Fighter Pilot for the U.S. Air Force: PLAN - BRIEF - EXECUTE

- DEBRIEF. This system leads to FLAWLESS EXECUTION!

Before, you paid exorbitant rates for Medical Malpractice Insurance for the right to practice medicine

and help your patients. Now, your Doctor’s Fitness Center will help more of your patients and dramatically

increase your income at a fraction of your current costs.

Your own Doctor’s Fitness Center will be the single greatest weapon in your arsenal against the

Obesity Epidemic. Your patients (young and old alike) are suffering from the metabolic syndromes

resulting from obesity and overweight conditions: diabetes, osteoporosis, CAD, COPD, CHD, etc.

Your patients suffer due to physical inactivity and poor eating habits. The IFPA systems approach

looks at the who, what, where, why, and how of this epidemic and provides you with the solution:

Doctor’s Fitness Centers. Your DFC provides prescriptions for ALL Chronic Disorders.

Your patients can’t do it on their own because they don’t know HOW! Your patients can’t do it in the

gym because the gym is WHERE the “healthy, fit, body-beautiful” people go! Your patients don’t eat

healthy because they are thoroughly confused on WHAT and HOW to eat! Many of your patients

don’t exercise and eat healthy because they don’t understand WHY! And, most importantly, WHO

can they trust to give them the TRUTH and accurately answer the WHAT, WHERE, WHY, and HOW?


Our Vision

To train individuals to become leaders in the fitness industry, in order to assist every person throughout the world in leading the health and fitness lifestyle. 

Your Doctor's Fitness Center

  Turn-Key Operation You Provide the space. The IFPA provides everything else! Complete turn-key profit center including:  

  Turn-Key Operation You Provide the space. The IFPA provides everything else! Complete turn-key profit center including:   

 · IFPA provides all the expertise for your wellness/fitness center · Intro to Health Fitness Industry · Help recruit, train, and certify management and staff · Organizational Development · Marketing Plan · Sales Plan · Member management  · Service desk management · Fitness/wellness programming · Special populations programming  · Customized programming for you · Profit center programs · Help with staff selection/development · Health/fitness equipment planning: 


 · Health and safety guidelines · Facility maintenance management  · Financial systems, planning, management and computer applications · Payroll and compensation planning · Legal issues/insurance considerations · Evaluation planning · Strategic planning · Fitness professional training/certification · IFPA Fitness Institute:

Extensive Education and Training-40 Elite, Exclusive Courses-Leading to a B.S. as a Degreed Fitness Professional

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